Recipe Guarantee


Client satisfaction is one of my top priorities, and I want you to feel comfortable with your purchase. Every recipe is…

  • Tested at least twice.
  • Includes a FAQ section which includes a tips and tricks section and texture and flavor notes.
  • Is checked for typos and grammar errors with Grammarly.
  • Is scanned by Copyscape to make sure that it doesn’t unintentionally match other similar recipes.

Recipes you purchase from my shop include a Recipe Guarantee which includes…

  • Free edits on photos!
  • One free reshoot per recipe!
  • Free retesting!
  • Free edits on recipes!

If you are ever dissatisfied or have any issues with your recipe or photos, please feel free to reach out! While I do my best to ensure that all of my recipes and photos are top quality, errors, while rare, can happen.

I am always available for questions and feedback via email at, and I respond to emails within 24 business hours.

Thank you so much for your support, and your business!

Alicia Countryman