Sampling the Cuisines of the Netherlands and Germany

Sampling the Cuisines of the Netherlands and Germany

I had the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands and Germany recently, and while I was mainly there to see the Dutch tulips in bloom, there was of course time to try out the local cuisine. Here are some of my favorite meals and food from my adventure. 

*** I shot these with my smart phone, so the quality is not the best. Do not adjust your computer screen, lol.***


Indonesian Food - Warung Tegal, Amsterdam

I read online in one of the many Amsterdam groups I was following before my trip that Indonesian food was very good in Amsterdam, so in between my Dutch pancakes and stroopwafels, I made sure to make time for a dinner at a local Indonesian restaurant. Luckily, my friend was super down for this, and we were not disappointed. (Yes, that's a coconut hard boiled egg on top.)


Dutch Pancakes - De Carrousel Pannenkoeken, Amsterdam

Dutch Pancakes are easy to find in Amsterdam. I love that I was able to get savory pancakes for dinner or breakfast. At the location photographed, my Dutch pancake was covered in cheese, bacon, and mushrooms. You can also get plain pancakes with just butter.


Chicken and Waffle - Betty Blue, Amsterdam

This was probably one of my favorites from Amsterdam. A unique take on the chicken and waffle. The chicken was grilled instead of fried, it came with an over-easy fried egg on top, and a caramel whiskey sauce. Not too heavy either, which is great for a full day of walking.


Coffee and Mini Stroopwafel - Dwaze Zaken, Amsterdam

No trip to the Netherlands is complete without a Stroopwafel or two! Paired with a strong cup of coffee, and your day is off to the perfect start. 


Bratwurst - Food Crib, Amsterdam

This was my favorite from the entire trip. Simple bratwurst with sauerkraut and fried onions. Food Crib is a food stall at the Museumplein area of Amsterdam, near the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum.


Frankfurters in Frankfurt! - Zum Standesamtchen, Frankfurt

Could I really go all the way to Frankfurt and NOT have frankfurters? No, I could not. The potato salad was also fresh, tangy, and delicious, and I loved the cheese appetizer with rye bread.


Pizza - Diedenbergen

While staying with friends in Germany, we had a chill night in, and I dared to order a prosciutto and mushroom pizza from a local restaurant. It was delicious. Not too much sauce, the perfect 11 inch size, and the crust was incredible. Not pictured Doner sandwich and doner pizza rolls that my friends ordered, but were as equally delicious. (Once the food hits the table, it's sometimes hard to act quickly to get photos before everyone starts diving in, lol.)


Black Garlic Gouda - Amsterdam Cheese Company

I would have instantly regretted not visiting one of the many cheese shops of Amsterdam before I came home, and I'm so glad I did. This Black Garlic gouda is great on it's own, but as my husband and I found out, it's great for cheeseburgers.


My trip to the Netherlands and Germany was amazing, and I had such a great time trying out the local food. It even inspired me in some upcoming recipes. I can't wait to share my food experiences from other travels I have planned for this year.